A loan of PLN 1,700 for PLN 0 with Cheap Credit – Cheap loan PLN 1,700

Moment of PLN 1,700 for PLN 0 for 30 days – it sounds tempting, the more so because it is one of the higher limits for new clients, which we will meet in the offers of companies providing payday loans.

Payday loan – cheap loan

Payday loan - cheap loan

Practically every single company that operates on the payday market sooner or later decides to introduce a promotional offer for new customers. Moment of PLN 1,700 for PLN 0 is the best way to acquire a new client, especially if the offered amount under the first loan is relatively high. Cheap Loan has to offer new customers, payday loans up to 1700 PLN without any additional fees.

I have already had the opportunity to write about the brand Cami Credit on the pages of my blog, today I will take a closer look at the offer which is addressed to new borrowers, ie people who use the company’s services for the first time. It is impossible not to notice that the company currently has one of the higher limits available at the first loan. A loan up to PLN 1,700 can be borrowed without any additional fees, giving exactly the same amount as we borrowed within 30 days.

In the event that we do not have time to repay the payment within the set time, we can use the option of extending the repayment period for an additional fee.

Who can take advantage of the promotional offer of Cheap Credit? Every new client who is already 21 years of age or over 65 years of age has Polish citizenship and is not a person entered in the debtors’ registers. In addition, we will also need a personal account and a mobile phone to get a loan. As in most cases, it will also be necessary to make a verification transfer from the bank account of which we are the holder to receive the necessary cash.