40 years of author waiting for publication


An author has finally published her novels, after 40 years of waiting.

Lyn Dyson, 73, from Worcester, wrote three novels on an electric typewriter over 40 years ago and so far there has only been one hard copy.

Thanks to 15 years of experience as a self-published author and with the help of his daughter, fellow author Keira Michelle Telford, all three novels are finally on sale to the public.

She said: “I felt I wanted to leave a more permanent record of my work.

“When I’m dead, I suspect the papers I’m leaving behind will be thrown away and I’ll be wasting my time. But by getting the novels published, there will at least be a trace somewhere of what I did.

“I took pleasure in writing them forty years ago and I took pleasure in resuscitating them. It was an interesting experience reading something I wrote so long ago!

“I’m happy with the way they went. I’m tempted to try and write more fiction, but I’m not sure if I could do it as well now.

Lyn has self-published over 50 books on the history of her local village, West Lavington in Wiltshire, and has used this experience to immerse herself in fiction.

She adds: “40 years ago, it was very difficult to be taken over by a publisher.

“There were a few vain editions but it cost a lot of money and you had to buy several hundred copies and then try to sell them. I was never really a salesperson, and it wasn’t an option I considered for more than five minutes!

“I had a couple of years with health issues recently, and that puts the mind on mortality! While I hope to live to a good age, you never know how much time we have left, so I knew that if I had to do anything with the novels, I must not delay. So this year I gave them priority.

Two of the novels came out earlier this year and the third earlier this month, on September 16.

“The Crowning Mercy” and “One Short Sleep Past” both take place during the Civil War in Worcester, while “The Weaver’s Allotment” is set against the backdrop of the Chartist land plan in Ledbury, where Lyn attended school .

The books are available on Amazon or at the Malvern Book Co-operative at Great Malvern and at Courtyard Books in Ledbury.

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