Gifts for adults with ADHD


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Pack of 4 Pro Tiles

$ 99.99

The tiles are simple. Tie a tile to things you absolutely can’t lose but often misplace – think keys, purses, phones, dog collars, AirPod cases, or even your car. Then use the Easy Tile app – available for iOS or Android – to track her whereabouts when she inevitably gets lost. Super easy and even more appreciated when it saves time and stress in finding a lost item. You can buy individual tiles, but you’ll probably want more than one – trust us.

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2 out of 10

Large bean bag

$ 229.81

Your beloved really, really wants this beanbag – trust us. They may not know it, but as soon as they fall into its enveloping softness, they will. ADHD often brings about sensory needs, which are not always easy to meet without embarrassment in adulthood. Bean bags can help provide the deep pressure that many sensory seekers need. You’ll probably end up fighting for a beanbag space regardless of the diagnosis – this thing is so comfy. Set it up with a weighted blanket and headphones for maximum relaxation.

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3 out of 10

Stainless steel ring set

$ 15.99

Adults with ADHD may avoid brightly colored fidget spinners, but they often need something to occupy their hands. These rings are a great solution – a super discreet movement that fits over a finger and the sliding motion of which will provide that sensory input that the ADHD brain and body needs. Unlike most movements made for adults, this one is camouflaged: Perfect for people who don’t want to announce their ADHD to the whole office. When we scoured the fidget jewelry, these rings came out on top for both invisibility and wriggling satisfaction.

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4 out of 10

After the rain: gentle reminders for healing, courage and self-esteem

$ 13.93

ADHD often manifests as dysphoria that is sensitive to doubt and rejection. If you are a woman with ADHD who has struggled during the pandemic, Alexandra’s book Elle offers 15 lessons for overcoming obstacles, building self-confidence, and practicing self-love. Her message,

Amazon calls this book “partly memory and partly guide”, in which the author Alexandra Elle shares her journey from “self-doubt to self-love”. She takes her own difficult experiences and turns them into life lessons that she uses to build a successful career; the book includes meditations and affirmations that the reader can integrate into their own life. For someone trying to focus on personal care or journaling, this book makes a great gift. One reviewer said, “This book is perfect for… those who are on the mend, going through change or going through a difficult time. I absolutely loved reading it and looked forward to it every day.

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5 out of 10

Acupressure mat and pillow set

$ 24.99

A favorite of ADDitude readers, this mat relieves tension and pain simply by lying on it for 10 to 30 minutes a day. Its spiky discs cover both your back and head / neck areas, which allows this mat to reach more pressure points than most products on the market. Since it helps calm tight muscles and relieve stress, it is ideal for use before bedtime – and can also be used not only while lying down, but also while sitting at a desk or on a sofa. It is easy to wash and its cover is removable.

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6 out of 10

Multi-device charging station

$ 34.99

Are the chargers in your home still hiding? Do they sometimes kidnap your home appliances and force you to waste hours looking up and down? This six port charging station could help. Charge up to six items at a time (compatible with most devices) in one convenient location, and you’ll solve multiple issues at once: lost devices, dead devices, and elusive or inadequate chargers. It also has a handy blue light that indicates when all devices have reached 100%.

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7 out of 10

Panda planner for goals, gratitude and focus

$ 19.97

We love Panda planners. They leave plenty of room – no cramped writing spaces – and the daily planner pages offer lists of tasks, priorities, and of them daily recordings. Approved by top psychologists, the Panda Planner encourages choosing a “daily habit” each month. And by using reflection and growth exercises, it helps its users develop a more positive outlook on life. It also pushes its users to review the past, set goals and plan for the future. More than a simple planner, he works on self-improvement as well as on the completion of tasks on time.

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8 out of 10

Magnetic office toys

$ 15.99

Just try to resist playing with this addicting desk toy, which invites us to create fun little sculptures while yawning through another Zoom meeting. Since they are magnetic, all these little balls will not roll under nearby furniture, never to be seen again. The only struggle here could dismantle old creations to build new ones. Best of all, this surreptitious agitation doesn’t scream ADHD; even neurotypical colleagues will be tempted to squeeze in playtime.

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9 out of 10

Mindfulness coloring book

$ 4.99

Coloring books are proven stress relievers because they offer meditative-type exercise that tends to relax the brain with low-stake activity, the Cleveland Health Clinic explains. Additionally, many adults with ADHD like to do two things at the same time – and coloring (such as moving) can help them sit up and look (or at least listen to) that spectacle you were dying to see. Also, be sure to buy them markers or colored pencils.

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10 of 10

A radical guide for women with ADHD

$ 21.95

Most women with ADHD endure years of shame and blame about their behavior. They’ve probably also internalized a lot of negative self-talk and beliefs that their symptoms are character flaws. This therapist-recommended book blends traditional ADHD therapy with ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) to help women with ADHD break through the negative narratives that have trapped them for so long. Susan Caughman, Editor-in-Chief of ADDitude, says, “Instead of offering the usual solutions or treatments for ADHD, this truly radical book shows women with ADHD how to live authentic lives without stigma or shame. With helpful worksheets and practical, inspiring prose, it’s a must read for women with ADHD and the clinicians who work with them.

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