Nikki Sixx + Wife Courtney writing children’s book on diversity


Motley Crue’s Nikki Sixx has spent most of this fall promoting her new book, The first 21: How I became Nikki Sixx and, in a new interview with Aquarius Weekly, the bassist and author revealed that he and his wife Courtney are currently working on a children’s book about diversity and culture.

With plans to transform her Heroin diaries memoir in a musical that would hit Broadway and elsewhere as well as a stadium tour with Motley Crue both suspended due to the pandemic, Sixx explained how he stayed creative during this time, which included work on another book like he had not written any previously.

“My wife and I are currently working on a book – a children’s book about this little girl who goes to all these countries in her imagination,” Sixx explained.

Offering a light summary, he continued, “She goes to Africa and she has this little African boy or girl who teaches her this culture, or she goes to England and then she goes to Wyoming and learns horses, then she goes to. Japan and learn about the food, culture and language. “

Projecting a rough timeline for this book’s release date, Sixx added, “It’s a great idea and it’ll be out next year.”

Motley Crue’s founding bassist also explained that moving from Los Angeles to Wyoming, which he said was “a better place to raise our daughter,” sparked a wave of creativity. It provided time to focus on family again and enjoy their time together.

“For me, there was a lot of negativity,” Sixx said of the pandemic time, “but I was also able to spend a lot of quality time with our family because I took my kids out of it. college and they all came back to where we lived in Los Angeles. We lived in the house for three months when we were locked out and we had conversations that we haven’t had in years about things because that they have a life of their own and that dad has a life of their own. We get together five or six times a year and do fun things, but anyway, COVID has allowed me to refocus, refocus, and try to be as safe as possible and take advantage of some of these creative ideas. “

Sixx The first 21 memoir is out now and debuted at the top of Amazon’s rock music book charts.

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