Rescue pets focus of the Clermont author’s writing, including a book on his own


The latest book by Clermont-Ferrand author Sharon Keeble, “My pet saved me” highlights several local tales of how rescued pets changed the lives of their owners, starting with his own inspiring story of a German Shepherd named Micco.

“It’s about the power of foster pets,” Keeble said. “I just feel like there are so many people with interesting stories about how their animals have helped them. I wanted to include their stories as well. There are stories about cats, dogs, a turkey, lemurs, a guinea pig, a duck, a tiger, a horse, a parakeet, a lemur, pigs, a crow and a donkey.

Inspiration for the book started with Keeble’s daughter, Faith. Faith’s father and Keeble’s husband Dave were diagnosed with ALS, and Faith struggled a lot with it.

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“She didn’t want to leave the house, stopped talking to her friends and just wanted to be with him all the time,” Keeble said. “She just wasn’t the same child. My other daughters suggested that we buy her a dog, even though we already had three, but that it would be good for her.

Keeble rescued a German Shepherd puppy who latched onto Faith instantly and the two have been inseparable ever since.

“Micco has really helped my daughter focus on something else,” Keeble said. “He was just a little bundle of joy. She is such a sweet soul and he helped my daughter out of the house and helped her out of her shell.

Clermont author Sharon Keeble with their rescue dog, Micco.

Lots of other stories about how animals have helped people

Keeble realized that, just like her family, others experienced this healing thanks to rescued pets, so she interviewed other people to share their stories.

“The book also tells the story of Nina, who had marital problems and adopted Tracy the lemur,” Keeble said. “It gave him something to focus on. It gave him a friend. She credits her connection with Tracy for giving her confidence to come out of the marriage and live the life she always wanted.

Today, Nina owns Chase Sanctuary in Webster, which is teeming with lemurs and other amazing rescue animals.

“Another story is about Laura, who was overweight and scared to go horseback riding because of her weight,” Keeble said. “She had received track riding sessions and went to the ranch where she bonded with a rescue horse, Angel.”

Angel didn’t eat or let anyone near her when she got to the ranch, until Laura introduced herself. Laura would talk to her and Angel would let her groom her. Laura ended up adopting Angel.

“Laura decided she wanted to lose weight so she could one day ride Angel,” Keeble said. “So she embarked on a journey to become healthier.”

A turning point for Laura was when she took Angel to a horse show and was ashamed of her weight, saying she was too overweight to ride and would hurt the horse.

“She was like, ‘I’m going to show these people,'” Keeble said. “Today Laura has lost over 150 pounds and is competing and winning horse shows.”

Laura founded Dark Horse Stables, a place for rescue horses in Groveland.

“There are 30 chapters in the book with these inspiring stories,” Keeble said. “I hope this book encourages people to adopt because no matter what they’ve been through, they have so much love to share if you give them a chance.

“My Rescue Pet Rescued Me” was released in the US earlier this month, having previously been released in the UK, and is available on Amazon, Walmart and Barnes and Noble. For more information, visit

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