The Center-Sud regional library launches the “Novel Experiences” blog


The South Central Regional Library (SCRL) has found a new way to share the love of reading, writing and recommending books. It’s a blog called Novel Experiences.

Janine Wall, library clerk at SCRL, says her interest in the project was piqued by a recent library conference that featured a session on writing book reviews. This led to the rebirth of an earlier blog that had been dormant for several years.

“We have tons of ideas. Obviously book reviews [are] is going to be the most important thing we’re going to do, ”Wall explained. ” As [what we did] with Thanksgiving messages we will make seasonal recommendations for the holidays. I’m working on a Halloween article right now, a scary thriller, mystery type books. We will publish articles as “read like”. so if you like a certain author or a certain book, we will recommend similar things to you.

One of the goals of the blog is to show people what the library has to offer.

“Obviously book reviews, but we’ll also be talking about things like our audiobooks and DVDs that we have and the book club kits. Right now I’m working on a review for one of our book club kits, ”Wall said.“ So yeah, we want to show people [that] we have more than standard books. I want people to read it and think, ‘Hey, this isn’t a book that I thought I’d pick up before, it sounds interesting, maybe I’ll try it.’

Another goal of the blog is to inspire others to learn more.

“Well, I hope so! For me, for sure, I always think to myself, would it be nice to do a review on the blog or what can they do with this book? So I hope that it will also help other staff to think, “Maybe I should write a blog about this.”

“I read a bit of everything,” Wall added. “There are some things that I don’t like, but I hope this helps people viewing the blog to broaden their genres.”

Given the wide range of people working at SCRL, Wall plans to tap into a variety of opinions across different books and genres. Wall thinks there is a book for every person and they hope to match the right person with the right book.

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